Dec 26, 2006

Dec 23, 2006

Plein Air Painting

It was very overcast that day but I was determined to paint outside. this was halfway though the painting. All these paintings to me are gateways to what I will do for as long as I can. Plein air to me is the mack daddy of painting. It shows your whole process of doing a painting in one hour, give or take.

Dec 20, 2006

Screwin around

self portrait in the mirror for a couple of hours. give or take.

Plein Air Painting at Wolfcreek

I stocked up on paint and I bought a lot of canvases. From now on I'm not going to hesitate on globbing the paint on the canvas. I think its a lot easier to paint this technique with a lot of paint and space.

my new studio for the christmas break and for this summer.

This apartmant is above an old Dollar Store that was in production a couple of years ago. Now below serves as an antique warehouse for my fathers adictions. Here are some views of it.

still llifes in the past

These still lifes are just some that I have done over the last couple school days at Ringling.