May 21, 2009

The Polo Grill Show was a HIT!

The first comment I want to say is that this exhibition of my work went extremely well! I met a lot of new people, sold some work, and made lots of new patrons as well as friends. A huge thanks to the Klauber Family!

To the people that don't know, I have recently gotten into the game of Polo, and I have been going to the games falling in love with the subject of the Horse and Rider. After about a week of drawing the game, I started to paint the ex-derby-horses and the wild riders, flailing around with their sticks. Also, I wanted to be the next illustrator commisioned to paint the next polo club poster for the 2010 season, which I have been commisioned! Bart Forbes has done this poster also so its an honor to be apart of a national assignment. I was introduced to the POLO GRILL owners and they loved everything I should them. Next thing I knew, I had a show in about a months time. So the last month of college has been a crasy one.

All and all the show ended up working out great. I pushed myself to the edge with getting alot of good solid pieces together, altogether I had 30 plus paintings, ranging from 4 x 6 in. to 3 x 4 feet. Over half of the works in the show sold and other commissions and opportunities have arisen. Thank you to all the ringling friends that showed their support and a speacial thanks to the AWESOMELY AWESOME GEORGE PRATT for his kindness and photographs with the new 35mm.