Feb 18, 2009


Some sketches for paintings, pen and inks and ideas for this week in Thesis Town. I am also preparing a post of work I am doing for the Sarasota Mote Marine Laboratory this week as well, more on that later, hope you enjoy!

-trey b.

Feb 14, 2009

Second Approach..

Another direction, thanks for the imput francis and dustin, the noise was almost t uniform for me, i'll mess around with it more thought.

-Trey b.

Feb 10, 2009

Feb 7, 2009

A Trip Back Memory Lane

Back in 07,

Jane and I went on an amazing journey to visit all the major cities and their museums on the east coast. On our travels, we stopped at the National Portrait Galley in DC to meet and stay with Alex Huneke. Two Images from that trip still haunt me since the first time I saw them, a portrait by Larry Rivers and a Phil hale painting. If you haven't seen them I suggest you make a trip and bring another pair of underwear, your gonna need it.

Popquiz: Why does the phrase "a pair of underwear" mean one piece, instead of "a pair of," ?......

-Trey B.

Feb 5, 2009

Madison Ave. Going Broke.

An article in the New York Times about the high-priced-square-footage of Madison Ave. and how high priced fashion boutiques can't make rent. enjoy.

....Also a wine rack.

-Trey B.

Feb 4, 2009


5 x 4ish ft.,

Painted in oils, this was inspiration for the "showcase."

-Trey B.