Apr 29, 2011

Kansas City Sketchbook (2)

I find myself being really sensitive lately, in all aspects of the word. It definitely affects my work and my relationships with others I have gotten to know around town. Instead of drawing for the sole purpose of being a good drawer, I react to the emotion and feeling of the moment at hand, especially with portraiture. The work in museums that I most respond to have some sort of emotion that has been grabbed by the artist- I guess I would like to capture that essence as well....because I want to move people too I guess. Check out below this new buddy I made today at breakfast.....

Thanks for viewing- as the Vallejo says- stay inspired!

Apr 24, 2011

New Kansas City Sketchbook (1)

New sketchbook- feels good
thanks for looking

Black Album Sketchbook (6)

It feels great to be done with this sketchbook- I finished it yesterday.
I've been on a roll completing 1 sketchbook per month
Lets see if I can keep it up with a #4

thanks for looking

Apr 20, 2011

Apr 19, 2011