Apr 29, 2010


Hello everyone,

thanks for all the kind emails over the week, I hope I gave some good insight about my work and yours. Here are some recent sketchbook pages from the moleskine. The color is some oil pastel, which has a gritty texture and flat color, which I like. The drawings themselves are influenced but are not entirely credited by blind contours and shapes. I hope you enjoy them.


Apr 4, 2010


Jane and I performed a live figure drawing session in the heart of the Kansas City Arts district on First Friday. It was awesome! We had our stage, lights, drawing pads, models, a fire-breather, and live music. The crowd was epic, thanks so much for your support! We also drew at one of the most anticipated parties of Kansas City, Artopia, which is sponsored by the Pitch Magazine. What a fun time we had! We had the pleasure of drawing a lovely model with awesome body paint. Great poses. A huge thanks to Jason at the Pitch, we literally could not have done this without you. We also saw Voler Thieves of Flight aerealists, a great group of creative dancers that use fabrics to fly through the sky. Last but not least, Dr. Sketchy's! I really enjoy drawing with this great group of people and awesome models, a big thanks to Miss Lucky Deluxe!

-Trey Bryan