May 27, 2007


so jane is gone and now i have at least 120 paintings just lying around taking up space and getting me high. I forgot to mention that all these paintings are done with a pallet knife and at the end done with a masonry trowel. last wed Jane and I drove up to Summersville and spent all day painting with Lynn Boggess. he is a well accomplished plein air painter with galleries in scottsdal, alexander washington, chapel hill ,and here in lewisburg. But it was amasing to see his family working with him to get the paintings done. they build these high quality canvases and all these wet boxes and crates for shipping and so forth. he gave us two canvases, at least 100 dollers worth of paint (his whole palette) and he gave us one of his trowels which he manipulates to fit his needs but anyway picture are coming soon but lynn has a show june 1st here so its cool to see what hes gonna have since he didnt have any paintings there when we showed up.


Jeff said...

It was fun to read about your experience with Lynn Boggess. I just learned about him recently through Tyndall Galleries, which I think must be the gallery you referred to in Chapel Hill. They have several of his paintings on their web site, which might be a good place to start for anyone else who is interested to see some of his work. I found your blog while searching for more about him.

Anyway, it's nice to hear that he was so kind, and thanks for sharing the insight about how his whole family gets involved.

Cool post. He sounds like a cool guy.

Anonymous said...

I have recently arrived in Washington from the UK and happened upon the Principle Gallery in Alexandria. I was blown away by Lynn's work and have been moved to go and walk the areas he paints in, as the sheer beauty of the colour palette he uses must be seen, in the raw, to be believed. What a shame galleries put such a mark up on artists work, just out of my price range. Do you know if Lynn ever does private exhibitions .... 20-30% off and I might just get to own one!