Jun 2, 2007



Jane said...

That's fin cool! I like the forground especially. Two things bother me, though. The second layer of depth in the image - the darkest trees/green hill - feels like it ends rather abruptly at the middle of the canvas and I am not sure how the brown shape on the left side relates spacially - is it the same distance as the dark trees or behind them? I think that it might be nice if that brown shape became al dark trees instead, or something to clarify the space just slightly. Everything else reads very nicely! I like the way that you have interpreted WV. The second thing is really minor, maybe not worth mentioning but it does bug me - the sun looks a little dark to be a light source for that landscape/sky. But maybe the darkness is what balances the light shape... so eh.

Michael Carpenter said...

sweet painting man its cool to see u going in this direction. the onlyt thing that bothers me about it really is the sun try softening it and also making it darker that way it will still help ballance out the composition but with out being such a strong shape up there, try it out if u can but i really like it . paint paint paaint.