May 31, 2007

tiny palette knife painting


in the last couple days I have been painting photos from books, these were from WORLD OF ALLAH, anyway i'm getting more comfortable with the brush but I want to start using the brush and the knife at the same time. the drummers took a couple hours of bullshitting around and then I did the gypsy queen the day before. The drawing of the images arent even that good but I just wanted to paint more that draw, I guess. i dont no


The houses are done with a brush

May 27, 2007

Meeting William Wolk

hey guys, today I met with William Wolk who is now the offical artist of the Greenbrier Resort. He went to ringling in the early 70s' and he had custode for a teacher. They are both good friends and william called him on speed dial and we were talking to him on speaker phone. William sells his paintings for 50 thousand dollars and hes only getting more attention. So I spent all morning with him and in his studio talking about how much of the art world really isnt about art. But look him up and you be the judge about what he sees.


Painting with Lynn was probably the coolest thing that has happened all year so far. It was real interesting to hear what he had to say to us about our paintings and the world of art, or at least the one he's been around. It was real neat to see his family involved in what he was doing and helping him with the "dirty work" so that he would have more time to paint. Making canvases and calls and so forth. And I'm not talking about the canvases that you can buy at an art store. these things were so well made that it probably took all day to make a 16 x 24. really precise craftmenship. When Jane and I showed up to his house, his wife jennnifer made a delicious breakfast for us and it was just a circle of warmth. but we were stting at a square table. He had two beautiful bird dogs that would just eat rocks and stared you in the eyes until you played with them. But it was amazing to see him work and what it takes to get the kinds of images he makes.


so jane is gone and now i have at least 120 paintings just lying around taking up space and getting me high. I forgot to mention that all these paintings are done with a pallet knife and at the end done with a masonry trowel. last wed Jane and I drove up to Summersville and spent all day painting with Lynn Boggess. he is a well accomplished plein air painter with galleries in scottsdal, alexander washington, chapel hill ,and here in lewisburg. But it was amasing to see his family working with him to get the paintings done. they build these high quality canvases and all these wet boxes and crates for shipping and so forth. he gave us two canvases, at least 100 dollers worth of paint (his whole palette) and he gave us one of his trowels which he manipulates to fit his needs but anyway picture are coming soon but lynn has a show june 1st here so its cool to see what hes gonna have since he didnt have any paintings there when we showed up.