Feb 10, 2009

Community Gardens

-Trey B.


Francis Vallejo said...

this is great man, have you tried adding some noise to give the digital a little texture? It may help to make the digital more unified with the charcoal/pencil.

Trey. said...

what do you mean man, Im all ears to the mitch'em.

-trey b.

Francis Vallejo said...

If you select the flat clolor layer in Photoshop...duplicate it and then go to Filter>Noise>Add noise.

Then you can play with the opacity of that layer until you are happy with it. The added grit to the digital color may feel more like your pencil marks.


Dustin dArnault said...

Hey man what up? I see you have been bit by the digital bug too? I agree with Francis about the digital color, needs a little grit. Have your tried scanning water color textures and overlaying those?