Mar 16, 2010

SXSW click this for more details!

Also, Phil Holland Took some really great shots of the Convention and Mohawk Club!!!

I had the privilege of traveling down to South By Southwest with John English, president of the, to promote the new, revolutionary online art school. Teaming up with Massive Black and, this school is sure to knock the Earth off it's axis! the picture above is from a live drawing event at the Mohawk Club featuring performances by Massive Black, Andrew Jones with the new Painter 11, TAD and even a fashion show. One of the best nights of my life, nothing but pure energy. Not many things compare to the beating pulse of gesture drawing in the middle of a packed dance club- 


Mark English was also in attendance at the Austin convention, showing everyone how its done. In the first photo of him, you can see Android Jones doing the digital in the background. Everyone at the concept studio Massive Black was real nice and welcoming, Kemp, Whit, Scooter, Zack and Jason- you guys are amazing people. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Also Francis Vallejo, Dustin Darnault, and Jane Radstrom came with us down to the festivities. These cats can draw!!

This whole trip would be nothing without the huge support of our figure models! Thank you Eva, Erica, and all the others that I can't remember their names. Thank you Jaquelyne for for all your help as well, you ladies were wonderful! So here are some shots of the drawings that I did over the weekend. I'm sure Francis, Jane, and Dustin will post theirs when they get a chance. All the drawings were drawn from 2 min model poses. We all must have went through at least two newsprint pads, drawings on both sides of the paper. I hope you enjoy the images and thanks for looking. 

A special shout out to Corel for helping to make this all happen! 

-Trey Bryan

Mark English, Andrew Jones painting in Painter 11

Mark English

Android Jones, Scooter, two Massive Black guys, Jason Manley, Eva

Dustin Darnault, Massive Black, Convention Closing

The all-poweful Francis Vallejo

Jane Radstrom and Trey Bryan




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