May 2, 2010

First Sunday in May Dr. Sketchy's

I have been using charcoal and nupastel in my drawings lately so I thought I would spice things up by introducing ink to my compositions. I am really happy with the process and the final image, always more to get better at but I don't let it get to me, I just move on to the next piece of paper.

Blocking in the shadow and dark shapes with heavy ink from a brush, I start to map out my composition as a whole, then as fast as I possible can I lay down some basic local color pastels on the legs, arms, stockings, and so forth. The great thing about Dr. Sketchy's is that they always surprise you as to what the models are going to wear and the performances at the end are always so professional. A real talented bunch of guys and gals here in KC. Thanks again Rachel for hosting it.

hope you enjoy the drawings, thanks for lurking.

-Trey Bryan

i also posted a video of myself drawing

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Francis Vallejo said...

awesome man! that's a whole lot of information to process, the videos are great!