Dec 13, 2010

Ladys in Lenins

A special thanks goes out to all the models I have had recently, both this post and previous entries! All of you have been a huge help with my drawings, thank you!

Thanks for looking, stay tuned for more updates



Nicholas said...


These figure drawings are swell! Nice varried line, and the color is cool too. Is that nu pastel over line, maybe thinned out with a paint thinner?

I especially like the 3rd and 4th drawings, the form and depth of the 4th woman's legs and butt is amazing!

TREY BRYAN said...

thank you nich,
long time to see, hope your doing well ole buddy, thank for the kind words! yes, it is just straight up nupastel, i like the 4th one as well

take care


gumkid said...

hey Trey, these look great!

Anwar said...

Love that girls in red&black.