Mar 10, 2011

French Sketchbook (4)


Orlando Sanchez said...

Great work man. I like the bar tender sketch and the police man study the best.

Dzhony_df said...

after your works i want to go to france)))))

suzy marie hachey. said...


i like a lot of the "fashion"-inspired sketches at the beginning of this post, and think something similar to those would look great in the store.

i'll send you an email with our contact info because i forgot to give you my card, but we'll be in touch if i can convince the owner that more artwork would be a great idea.

thanks for stopping in!

suzy {from Lovebird}

Vincent Nappi said...

you put your life into these pieces man, that's really cool. I always love it when a new post from Trey Bryan pops up on my blog feed!