Jun 30, 2006

24 x 18in canvas this peice is right around being done.

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neily-o said...

wow trey, the colors are phenominal in this piece..i love it. the shadow where the brim of the hat meets the eye is my favorite part.. there are so many colors, but they all blend so well together. i like the whole piece so well, but i think some texture should be added to the hair and the hat to help very from the skin and the human tones. something about the ear seems to be to flat. i think it's that the lobe doesn't stick out enough. i also think that the shadow on upper part of the ear should be connected to the shadow where the ear hole would be. this would add more of a "shadow effect" rather than the hole just looking like a hole. that's all that i can pick out right now.. great job man. this isn't your nonfacial self portrait is it?

keep it real, brotha