Jun 30, 2006

heres a higher quality picture of it.

24 x 18in canvas this peice is right around being done.

Jun 28, 2006

a playful peice

Jun 15, 2006

This is faux painting. this is my summer job. Have fun flippin burgers!

Jun 13, 2006

Jun 11, 2006

my parents were going to throw out this metal bench, so I took on the challenge of bringing it back to life and them some. I sanded and grinded it in most of the major areas. the curved braces under the seat are hand beaten out of steel rod, same with the spiral. The feet were created from a blacksmith forge.....piece in progress.

this is the studio at Avenue B.

this is a huge close up, simple stokes and paint application.

im doing a series of paintings for my mom with a lot of blue and tropical content. This one is still in progress.