Jan 28, 2009

Fake Food

This image is about the abundance of fake or processed foods that appear not only in international markets but in American grocery stores as well. to be up to standards and passed by the F.D.A. Some of the products have to have a certain percentage of protein and other aspects, so to cut costs, companies around the world substitute certain fake minerals and vitamins in raw foods. This also translates into wild and pen-raised fish to cut cost. This is known as "species adulteration".If the label says its wild, there is a fifty-fifty chance that its not.

The image is not final, any crits on this piece or on any others would be appreciated. enjoy

-Trey b.

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Nikolas Guardia said...

Hey, thanks for the help again.
I'm liking the blog a lot. I look forward to seeing your thesis. Is it alright if i add you to my links?