Jan 21, 2009

Thesis Begins

For my thesis, i am completing one illustration a week, at the minimum.

My whole concentration is concept development (no, not space marines standing in nothingness), and process. What good are you as an artist if you think like everyone else? What sets you apart? So thats what is driving me this semester. I want this images completed relatively fast and to the point.

My focus is to condense the first couple days of the Ilustration Academy into one day. Then do that three times a week with three different editorial ideas, or what suits me. Then on the weekend I will complete the best image out of the three. Pretty simple but the content is free reign. I hope to gain a vast knowledge of current events and problem solving skills. enjoy.


Matthew Lopez said...

cool man, good luck.

Anonymous said...

that fake food one and this one are fantastic, that red cooler, goddamn! great, my eye went righhhhhttt to it, brilliant, very good bro!