Jun 15, 2009

The Studio and Polo Commission Comps

Jane and I have moved into the new studio. Its about a 21 x 19 ft room, I built the big long table. This is one part of our basement. We also have a sink room with all of our books in it and then a whole other part, a huge woodshop. Hope you enjoy the pictures. O yeah, and a huge dark room that we havent set foot in.

-Trey B.


Robb said...

Hey Trey-
Just caught wind of your blog from jane's. Love your stuff on here, and good to see you guys settling in so well in Kansas. Also, love the polo stuff, especially the one of all the doods against the flat mint-ish green.

Gringo said...

Nice studio man... the black cat is also kick ass! Greetings from Ecuador...

Anonymous said...


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