Jun 26, 2009

Trip to Telluride, Boulder Colorado.


Jane and I went to Colorado to drive Mark English's paintings to his gallery in Telluride. It was a wild ride. The senery was outstanding and the snow capped mountains are the best. At the start though Kansas wasnt so good to look at. I was excited when we reached the state of Colorado, but when we crossed the line, all I could think of was, "Man, I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little bit more rockyer than this! That John Denver is full of shit man!"

Enjoy the photos and thanks for viewing.

-Trey B.


Andrew R. Wright said...

I'm only human, Harry! Come on. Stop being a baby. So we backtracked a tad.

Jessica Kelly Willett said...

That first picture of Jane is beautiful....they all are. I have cousins in Telluride, now I really really want to go visit! Thanks for sharing :)

Andrew Olson said...

Amazing pics! Looks gorgeous, didnt realize places like that actually exist

gumkid said...

the scenery is awsome. hows the apprenticeship working out for you guys, you have no idea how jealous I am

Anonymous said...

Hey Trey, it's your brother Beau. I love that picture of the Element; the picture pops.

Hope all is well.