Jul 4, 2009

Second Round

Happy Fourth everyone! Let not forget the need to keep freedom.

I recieved a call a week or so ago about a gallery in Saratoga Springs, New York asking me if they could represent my polo work. This is great, I'm really glad the word got out. So I have been busy thinking about polo some more and preparing surfaces to paint on. The images below are some of the paintings in progress- just the first, initial lay in of the composition.

For this next group of paintings, I'm going to try and really push different aspects about the sport. Either the compositions-color-drawing well-drawing bad if it calls for it- My focus is to continue to learn about painting-and getting somewhere in the process. Also, I uploaded a landscape in process as well. I'm going to have a landscape show sometime this year-more on that later.

I also took a photo of all the recent THANK YOU letters that I have made for various clients and friends. And I have also been reading about George Bellows for the 100th time- hes awesome.

I hope you enjoy the post- thanks for reading.

-Trey B.


gumkid said...

freakin awsome,

Andrew R. Wright said...

Dude, Saratoga Springs is where Robyn and I lived. Crazy.

The last painting is a beauty. Looking forward to seeing the finishes.

A-Dub out.

Gringo said...

Fantastic paintings man... did you make them from ref or from the mind?

Trey. said...

thanks guys!

andrew- want to get down on some kansas action!?

gringo-my own photo reference, but I try to paint from my own compositions, and actual drawings. I feel the photograph is a revolutionary tool to have but its killing most art today- mine as well- I am weening myself to just paint the sketches that I compose with limited line value and shape-

In the words of Mark English- if you paint and design the shilouette- what more will you have to make to have a good composition/image.

thanks for reading

-Trey B.

Bombproof said...

wow. amazing.

Oscar Grillo said...

George Bellows is one of my favourite American artists!