Nov 15, 2010

Fashion Drawings

Hello Everyone,
So I have been shopping a lot and I noticed a great deal of time and effort have gone into these models- so I have decided to draw them while waiting for Jane in the fitting room.


Anastasia said...

I'm sure it goes without saying.. but I love these... fashionnnnnnnn

Q said...

Great Stuff!! Love the graphic nature of your black and whites. They remind me of the comic artist JOCK.

Raul Allen said...

Hey Trey, I love all of these, shapes and black spots are so right on. What are you using for making them?

Leslie Herman said...

These look really nice man. Makes me wanna get out there and have to wait for my girlfriend in the fitting room, and draw some cool clothes. They read really well considering the suggestiveness of the drawings.

Vincent Nappi said...

I don't need to tell you these are cool.
the last drawing looks like a Fawcett. awesome.

Sterling Hundley said...

Trey- great work my man. Now try to find a venue for these things. Really exciting and professional.

Anonymous said...


F***** fabulous work. The clothes on the models are transcendent!

I'm telling you, nobody does these better than you. I'm awed.

We could really shake up Madison Ave.

Brother Beau

TREY BRYAN said...

thats what I've been telling em Beau

you keep fighting the good fight

thanks for the kind words brother.