Nov 28, 2010

Some Clothes and Jane


Anonymous said...

Ces dessins sont incroyables! These are incredible!

The Label Whore

Vincent Nappi said...

great sketches. they really zip along on the page. now what I want to know is this...when are we going to see more paintings?

TREY BRYAN said...

vince, thanks for the comments, Ive done some studies here and there with oil paint, but i'm trying to go after a certain feeling with my drawing- its kept me going for a while and I plan to ride it to the end, at least for now. I've been tackling promotion like a beast these days and tending to other obligations in my life------so back off!

-love trey

Drew said...

Hey trey, I've really been dig'n a lot of your drawings lately. I'm getting a weaver kinda vibe from some of it. They're looking awesome.

TREY BRYAN said...

tHANK you dave,
I love weaver, I dont know if you know this or not but Ive been studying with MArk English for sometime now and i have alway been drawn to his drawings, simple crude but well designed. Thanks for looking